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Rabiznaz Red Colobus Monkey


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A Note to my Children !!!
And ...To My friends 


By: Yvette de Souza-Muise
27th December 2012

Well, My Dearest Darlings, and Friends

My dream has been fulfilled, and my Book has been published ....... a legacy of myself I leave to all of you, our family everywhere, and to our dearest friends, not forgetting the hundreds of children I have taught as teacher, and children's choir director for 40 years, not only in this country but in other parts of the world as well. It is a wonderful feeling of joy and achievement at this point in my life for sure.

 I don't know how I did it, when I think of this past year after my Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery which almost took me to heaven, or, to the mad-house. Writing my Dream-Inspired Book was my healing talisman that put me back to wellness, self-awareness and un-bounding joy. What more could I ask for?

That was the easy part....writing , that is, since October 2011. Rabiznaz came to me in a dream that went on for three months. I just wrote down the dream verbatim, and voila by the time July 2012 came I had finished my Book and was completely healed of all pain in my new shoulder and my two new knees .

The hardest part came after August 2012....that is.........getting the Book ready for publishing. After much searching on the Internet which only managed to depress me, I decided with Dad/Mike, to self-publish my Book, because I wanted it to be out in 2012.......publishers said it would take months/years... etc........I did not want to wait.

The first job was to get the copyrights, then the ISBN number. What joy to get these. I am now listed as Literary/Artist Author, and Canadian Publisher. What a feeling of honour!!! The title of my Book and/or the ISBN number can be accessed anywhere in the world. I am so humbly proud.

The next job was to find a printer. All said that the book was too large they could only do 8 1/2 x 11 soft cover for anything from $10 000.00 to $18 000.00 for 100 copies. I did not want this so I kept on searching until I found a printer who met my wish to keep the original size of 11x14 and hard cover binding too for a more acceptable and reasonable price, of exorbitant $8000.00 for 100 copies.

I talked to Dad/Mike who totally agreed with me because he loved it as much as I did; and to my special manager who advised me not to do it as it was too expensive....I disobeyed him.....; and to my lawyer friend who encouraged me all the way to go the whole gamut with my dream. She,  including a few other family members whom I had run my Book by in readings here at home, simply loved my book. 

Everyone, I think, gave me the green light as to the interest it generated.

So I made the decision with Dad's/Mike's blessing to have 100 copies printed.

I am happy to tell you that by word of mouth, 90 books have already been sold and will be delivered .... All this since Friday 21st December when a handful of my books arrived...very, very late for Christmas.....But in per my wish. And just by word of mouth, not just in Antigonish, but in Halifax, Cape Breton, USA, England and India....I have a waiting list for mailings, deliveries and pick' encouraging !

Enclosed in my Book I also added, in a sealed envelop, a knitting pattern for making Rabiznaz whom I dreamed up and knitted, and jotted down the instructions for making him as I went along as a special gift to every buyer of my Book. I sent my pattern with some photos  to Coats Craft UK...they say they haven't received it. C'est la vie !

I then took Rabiznaz into my garden and photographed him  in my shrubs and trees for inclusion in my Book.....he is a heart-warmer for sure.

Our brand new local Library is going to do a Book Launch for me on 23rd January at 7.00pm. I'm so nervous as I don't know what to do at such an occasion.....I guess I'll let my heart talk.....Rabiznaz will be there too to help me.

At this time, I can proudly tell you that two copies of my Book now reside in the National Library and Archives of Canada in Ottawa; and one at The National Council for the Arts , also in Ottawa ; and in some other very special other VIPlaces I'll tell you about later.

Through this whole experience, I learnt a lot about writing, publishing, friendships and family support, encouragement, and finally the feeling of accomplishment in making a life-time dream come true.........only, I didn't know that it would come about in a dream, via Zanzibar, and that Rabiznaz the Red Colobus Monkey who has totally won my heart, and who has now become a big part of me, lives in my living room in a special tree I have fashioned for him ... see the pictures from my Book.He reminds me of all of you who are so far away from home....and...when I wish you were all home with us, I take out my Book and read it at least once or twice a week, and each time I read it I learn something new, even though I wrote the Book. The story reads like a new story each time I pick it up to read it. And, it certainly warms my heart with memories of you all.

 Little did I know that after 45 years in Canada,  Zanzibar would come back to fill my heart and mind so wonderfully and vividly, interwoven with a Goa connection, my ancestral homeland. If my mind can stay this alert for the rest of my life, I'll be so blest. Perhaps I should keep on writing to assure this.??? I leave All in the hands of Hewhay and Susej ??? per my Book.

This my dearest darlings/and friends, is the story of my Book. I kept you in the dark until now because I wanted to surprise you with a special Christmas gift. I hope you like the finished Book. As I said before it is my legacy to each and everyone of you including my six wonderful grandchildren who are featured in my Book........some of whom you'll have to look for, and others are quite visible through their artistic talents. ...and last, but not least my brother Ben who initially sent me 7 photographs of the Red Colobus Monkeys from his last trip to Zanzibar in 2010. Neither he nor I knew that these pictures would become the heroes of a very special Book by  " Moi ". I am forwarding this to him for his super Blog. Thanks Ben.

 Enjoy your books and send me your comments which I will save in my original manuscript for posterity. Please DO NOT FAIL to do this. OK??? I'll read them over and over again when I am sans tooth, sans hearing sans everything ! Ha Ha !!!

Blessings and all my love for now and always !


Your everloving Mum/Friend,
= = = = = = = = = = =

This is a Book for the Young and the Young at Heart.

Rabiznaz, the Red Colobus Monkey, found only in Zanzibar is the hero of this story, together with his human friend Ettei whom he looks upon as his own daughter.

Together they weave a story of human-animal kindness in the face of adversity.

This is a story of Love, Light, Friendship, Faith, and Discovery, intertwined with a fable of Magical proportions wherein the Christmas story is related through the eyes of the Red Colobuses who have been the keepers of the Crystal Orb of Light for over 2000 years .. .. .. And the magic of the Crystal Orb of Light is manifested in a miracle at Walezo.

Through my Book you will also learn about my beautiful Island of Zanzibar, and it will certainly take ALL Zanzibaries on a wonderful trip down memory lane, with more than a few Swahili expressions included as you visit all the familiar places you once visited.

Upon reading my Book you will know why I say it is a Book of Love, Light, Friendship, and WHAT EXACTLY you are to Discover.

My Book has been very well received by one and all and I am ever so happy, and humbly proud.

If anybody wishes to purchase a copy, please contact Benny de Souza in London on email or Yvette Muise on my email:

Asante sana wote, na salama watoto na wadugu wote.

All my love,

Yvette de Souza-Muise 

= = = = = = = = = = = = = 

Now let me take you directly to the Book Launch which was hosted by our Town Library. My friend Catherine MacNeil-MacDonald was emcee, and she introduced me with a magnificent speech included here for your perusal ...... 
Catherine MacNeil-MacDonald's speech



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